Our life is

attached with nature

at its core

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We own more that 100 acres

Our mission is Heath

We own farms which produce wheat, barley, maize and mustard seeds with complete organic certificated farming. We use traditional methods where natural fertilizers are used to feed soil and plants, and crop rotation and natural means are used to manage weeds.

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Bread Dairy and Eggs

We love our Milk

Our milk products are sourced from maharashtra and gujarat working to promote Indian desi cow milk(Gir Cow) also called “A2 milk”, which has been proven to have multiple health benefits. Nothing is added or extracted from the milk, except in the case of skimmed milk where the fat is extracted.

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Connecting local farmers

With our vision

We connect local farmers around karnataka to boost the supply and U&H Organic aims to work towards new and innovative systems in agriculture, education, public policy and by favourable marketing of organic vegetables and fruits.

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