Tiles & Wall Cladding

UandH Group offers a wide spectrum of experiences through an extensive range of tile products. To complement the Floor products there is a range of Wall cladding, Plank tiles, Shower Tiles , Kitchen Tiles and Tile care products.


Our Specialties Tiles

At UandH Group Ceramic division we offer end-to-end lifestyle solutions covering Wall and Floor Tiles and methods that make your buying process easier and simpler.

Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles,We provide a lot of exciting and exclusive shades of designer floor tiles that believe can transform your home. And if your heart desires something extraordinary, we are always here to assist you in helping you find the finest and the most enviable products to build your dream home...

Wall Tiles

An easy and super trendy way to break the visual monotony of your kitchen, bathroom or living area is by using wall tiles. Ranging from minimalist to over-the-top, you can choose from our eclectic collection of wall tiles designs. These stylish, beautifully embellished and high quality tiles cater to all tastes and design aesthetics. As well as instantly adding an upscale feel to your home, office or hotel walls, the tiles also help spaces acquire a distinct personality and mood.

Wall Claddings

Wall claddings are decorative coverings externally placed on walls to enhance their aesthetic value. The idea is to make the walls look like they were made from a different material than the one actually used. With ‘statements walls’ becoming an interior must-have, wall claddings are a hassle-free way to endow a section of your living room or kitchen with texture and novelty. So go ahead and turn your walls from meh to marvellous. After all, they are the perfect canvas to express your creative instincts.

Paving Tiles

When it comes to strength and durability, few come close to Paving tiles. Flaunting the natural stone-tile look, they come in attractive designs and colours. Paving tiles is ideal for outdoor floor tiles or parking tiles and from the range at U&H Ceramics, we’re confident that you will love our shades that add style to the robustness of these earthy designs.
If you like to do things differently and make your own trends, this will be the way to go. These are the best exterior tiles for a stunning look that will refurbish your outdoors and give them a unique look.

Plank Tiles

When clay, feldspar and quartz are amalgamated together, the collaborative strength comes in the form of glazed vitrified Plank tiles. These are homogenous tiles with scratch and stain resistant properties. Because of their quality, glazed vitrified tiles are perfect for high traffic area as well as bathroom and kitchen walls.
U&H Ceramics deals with india reputed glazed vitrified tiles companies to add another dimension to the style quotient of the already exceptional properties. Extremely easy to maintain, these are the dream tiles your home has always needed. Come discover your personal style with U&H Ceramics’ exclusive range that will leave you and your guests spellbound.

Hard Coat Tiles

Hard Coat floor tiles are an epitome of our high product quality. Meeting all your expectations, and giving you the desired quality with a stunning look and perfect finish, HC tiles have added protection and can easily sustain heavy traffic. Our offerings include exquisite designs in popular colours. Choose your pick from our exciting range and allow yourself to create a dream home that is as unique as it is beautiful. And remember, when you transform your home, you transform your life. Happy Tiling!

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