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Channel Partner needs to adhere to the below guidelines:
  • Have a registered office address
  • Provide details of PAN card, and service tax number.
  • Mention “realty” name during any communication with their prospective customers.
  • Significantly influence in the closing of a sale as evidenced by accompanying the prospective customer to the project site, introducing the prospective customer to the sales team member/relationship manager and bringing the prospective buyer to UandH Corporate Office for booking the product/Services.
  • Communicate project related details to the prospective customer as per UandH guidelines, for instance with respect to payment time-lines, project completion dates, project details. The booking form, Wholesale Buyers guide, Project pricing and payment schedule, Sale and Construction agreements are good references.
  • Not misuse the “UandH” brand name for personal benefit, for example UandH may have privilege offers which the channel partner must not use for their advantage.
  • Abide by the UandH brand guidelines on advertising materials and clearly mention their own company name, contact details on all marketing collateral’s developed and/or used.
  • Not indulge in sharing of channel partner fee with customers / UandH personnel nor attract prospective customers through sharing of fee or similar offers.
  • Not unnecessarily interfere with the day to day functioning at Manufacturing sites, Marketing and Sales offices, Corporate office.