8 Etsy Picks From In-House Trend Expert (And Making It Judge) Dayna Isom Johnson

By August 18, 2018 August 30th, 2018 Home Improvement

If you’re looking for someone to judge a first-of-its-kind craft show, it would be hard to find a better contender than Dayna Isom Johnson. On NBC’s Making It, Isom Johnson works with Barneys’ creative ambassador Simon Doonan to judge the contestants crafts for both creativity and skill. And if getting to watch Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman goof around on TV sounds too good to be true, her day job is a close second.

As Etsy’s in-house trend expert, she is constantly shopping and scanning the site’s marketplace for the next big thing. Her trend guides have the added benefit of making Etsy’s some 45 million listings (yes, really) a bit more digestible for the rest of us. And while we can’t all be professional trend experts, we can shop like one. Here are eight Etsy finds she’s loving—picked out just for our readers.