5 Moving Essentials to Buy at the Dollar Store

By August 20, 2018 August 30th, 2018 Home Improvement
5 Moving Essentials to Buy at the Dollar Store 1

Over Fourth of July Weekend, I was running errands with my mom while visiting in suburban Chicago, Illinois. We headed to the Dollar Tree (also known as her and my grandma’s “favorite store”) because she wanted to pick up some plates she had been longing after. Bless my mother for practicing the “only buy if you think about it after you leave the store” trick even at Dollar Tree.

Though I was on my way back to New York and thus had no room in my suitcase for any of the alluring products, I still chose to come inside and peruse while she beelined to the kitchen aisle. Honestly, I was kind of shocked at what I found (though I will admit I tend to have larger emotions than most people,) so I thought I’d share in the name of citizen’s journalism and all that.

When you’re moving, the last place you’re probably thinking of going to is the dollar store. Known for its very logical impulse purchases and well-intended project fodder, much of what’s purchased at the dollar store can end up being much of what you’re trying to throw out during moving. But guess what—Dollar Tree has cheap yet reliable versions of things that can come in handy while moving into a new house or apartment—and it’s not just packing tape and bubble wrap. (Actually, I would advise not buying their bubble wrap and tape because the amount they give you for a $1 actually ends up being more expensive than if you were to buy a regular roll from Target!)

5 Moving Essentials to Buy at the Dollar Store 2

But things you should buy? Felt pads, mattress covers, extension cords, weatherproofing tape, and over-the-door hangers. Yes, they have all that and multiple bags of chips—each for only one buck-a-roo!


5 Moving Essentials to Buy at the Dollar Store 3