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The Tech You Should Try series is dedicated to reviewing new apps and software for the construction industry that can improve work flows and transform companies! This weeks Vlog focused on the use case for using apps to assist in documenting excavation safety activities on construction project sites.

This week, I want to explore the concept using apps to better document utility locate and damage prevention activities on construction project sites. By this, I am talking about what extra steps, past calling in your 811 Utility Locate Request, you are taking to ensure that you do not strike a water, power or gas line to name a few! Working around underground and overhead utilities can be a rather hazardous and expensive line of work.  

By hazardous I am referring to the high voltage lines that help run the amazing buildings and facilities that we use every day. By expensive I am referring to the certain very small lines that we bury underground that make the internet run SOOO fast for us. If your team has ever accidently struck and severed a fiber optic line, well then you know exactly what I am referring to. 

How can this improve this workflow?  What if you had an app that could help your team better document your excavation safety activities in real time? Well let’s take a look at a app for that!  Let’s take a look at how the Docusite app can reduce risk in utility work on construction projects. 

The Docusite app allows field users to better document both pre-excavation and open excavation workflows in real time.  This allows users to document work areas by utilizing photos, videos, checklist and reports to provide critical details if needed in the future. 


1 – Capture: take photos and better yet videos of your work area. 

2 – Document: complete check list and forms to document your safe work efforts. 

3 – Share: sync data captured on the app to the cloud system. 


Feature #1 – Photos & Videos (App) 

Field Users can take photos or make video with the app or choose from files stored on the device camera roll.  For example, what if your crew is working “pot holing” an area to look for utilities. 

Feature #– Notes (App)  

Field Users can take type in notes or use voice to text feature to better describe the work area. For example, when your crew is pot holing in an area, you can make a note to better document the onsite conditions. 

Feature #3 – Documents (App) 

Office Users can upload a copy of the “ticket” ( Loc ate Request Ticket) so Field Users can reference it as needed on site. For example, when do you need to call in a relocate for your “ticket”? 

Other Features – Checklist & Forms (App) 

Field Users can complete their company check list, by this I mean better document that they have followed safe procedures on site. For Example, the Best Practices Safe Dig Checklist . Field Users can conduct their inspections digitally, by this I mean better document that they have followed safe procedures on site. 

To watch the Vlog about the Docusite (CLICK HERE).

To learn more about Docusite can help better document your excavation safety efforts with utility damage prevention (CLICK HERE).

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