Solution is our Message

Our Group has consistently responded to the demands of society and the people living there by providing our procurement and trading expertise for about one quarter of a century since our establishment in 1989. Specifically, we have been offering systems, services and warehouse facilities which serve as a foundation for the better living, trust in fair trade and access to healthy organic food which are essential to our daily life. Our corporate policy is “ To make contribution to the consumer and support business,the company will dedicate to the trade development and best procurement practices by making advantage of zero inventory and smart pricing structure.” In accordance with this corporate policy, the U&H Group promises to further improve existing partnership with factories, manufacturing units, trade houses and logistic chains to go ahead developing new ideas and ventures to benefit end user, and provide our best team for consumer, to respond the needs of the times. We would appreciate your continuous support and trust.

We will take on the challenges for the future without wavering from our vision statement

This year and the years to come, we are seeing many changes taking place.
If we were to summarize our thoughts about future, We would say this time will be a test of whether we can transform our intentions to reality.
We have been working to strengthen our core strength, knowing that there will be more uncertainties which could result in a multitude of changes and challenges..
Challenges and changes has shaped us for what we are.. and we believe failure is a stepping stone to Success.
Rather than simply reacting to events as they occur, we must always be ready to overcome any circumstances and face up to the changes and the challenges ahead without wavering from our foundation ideology “humanity is our vision and Determination as our motto”

Our Idea means empathizing with consumers, bridging brand experiences, and activating relationships that drive measurable results.

Uday Chudasama
Chief Efforts Officer

This Is our View

We Don’t Just Do Business, its passion to us — It’s How We Built Our Company..

It’s not (just) about fancy app.

We have technology to support us not to advertise our efficiency. We are good old fashioned business people who believe in human touch and feel to do business. Say us old fashioned but we believe in small steps with perfection ...

It’s not (just) about P&L

We believe that if we deliver the best product and service considering your needs we will never have to worry about our P&L ever.

It’s not (just) about social media.

We know it's important to advertize but we believe in peer to peer marketing but by proving our self with services and products and getting a good reference click out.. Hmm.. sounds familiar right...

It’s not (just) about products.

We listen to your need rather that pitching to what we offer. Listing and understanding your need is more important to us rather than claiming what we have in our product line up.