we have both a responsibility

to do the right thing and

an opportunity to create real lasting change.

U&H Group has set a clear strategic direction for the next five years. This incorporates structured financial consolidation and disciplined growth in product sales, exploring new avenues for growth, and maintaining our commitment to sustainable business development through our vision.

Our Short Term Plans

BE a self sustainable company | Target of 10% attrition rate in labour  | Perfection with quality | Standing out in the crowd

Target Consumers Short Term Plans
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Home Owners
  • Consumers
Short Term Infrastructure
  • Own 100,000 sq/ft Warehouse
  • Own 1000 sq/ft Office
  • Dedicate Finance Option
  • Logistic Vehicles
Target Consumer Long Term
  • Government Bodies
  • Large Company
  • Building Projects
Long Term Support System
  • Automated Warehousing
  • Cold Storage For Organic food
  • Refrigerated Vans for Delivery
  • Labour Training Institute